Friday, 15 April 2011

Happy Holidays, Mr Uppal

In case you're wondering why I've not found any reason to castigate the Mediocre Millionaire, it's because Paul Uppal MP is enjoying a well-deserved break, like all our dedicated and hard-working Members of Parliament. To be honest, I'd much rather he was doing nothing rather than engaging in his usual activities: bigging himself up, parroting party lines and promoting legislation designed to enrich himself at the expense of the taxpayer.

Just in case you don't know, this is Uppal's punishing working schedule, for which he's paid £65,000 p.a. Of course he might be working hard in his constituency during the recess, as many MPs do… but I doubt it. Perhaps he'll use the recess to finally present to the police all the evidence about electoral fraud that he always goes on about but never produces. Or perhaps he'll visit his friends in the Saudia Arabian regime and encourage them to crack down further on those pesky agitators for women's freedom and democracy.

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