Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Send us your reckon

Watch this:

Then read this, especially the tragic and plaintive request for comments, to which citizens of Bridgwater have responded magnificently.

A CROWD gathered at Town Bridge in Bridgwater this afternoon to check out an 
unidentified object.
Coral Pople said: “I’ve been here for 45 minutes. Everyone was saying it was a 
turtle – but it looks more like a pig to me.”
Police officers also attended the scene.
Have you seen the object? What do you think it is? Leave your comment below.

sweetcow, bridgwater says... 
5:04pm Mon 4 Apr 11 
my stepdad said it look like a calf or pig.

sheldoncooper, bridgwater says... 
5:37pm Mon 4 Apr 11

i saw the picture and thouht it was the opening of some new public toilets to replace the bus station ones !
And then they start to get sarcastic, at least, I think they do…

lovelysunshinefluffybunny, Yarp says... 
6:17pm Mon 4 Apr 11 
perhaps its a wale or a dolphin washed off corse by the sunami in Japan? 
@cedarbox, pigs float so I don't think its one of those. Pigs are lighter than water I saw a program about it on Sky3 

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