Thursday, 3 September 2009

Why Stoke should be razed to the ground (part 43)

This is disgusting. At least, I think it is.

As I departed Stoke-on-Trent yesterday, I passed a family outing. Standing next to his mother was a boy of about 14.

On his t-shirt was the revolting legend 'I eat pussy like a fat man eats cake', adorned with a picture of a slice of cake.

This led me to ponder the parental choices made. Is this somehow OK now? Am I really deeply conservative and the world has moved on? How is this possibly acceptable as children's clothing?

I'm guessing that a fat man eats cake with little care for enjoyment or other people's pleasure, so in fact the slogan's quite threatening. It links consensual activity with selfish consumption, and uses a particularly revolting term to boot.

Worse than that, it was clearly untrue. This boy was large. Very large. It should have read 'I eat cake like an sex-addict eats pussy'.

Nobody in Norway wore slogan t-shirts.


Lou said...

If you're conservative then so am I. I'm deeply mystified by what some parents allow their children to wear (and even buy for them in many cases).

I saw an ad for pants for a toddler with the words emblazoned on the back "Does my butt look big in these?" and then there's the Cotton range of infants clothing with slogans such as "I'm a tits man" and "I'm living proof my mum is easy".

Of course the clothing doesn't need to have slogans to be age inappropriate - have you seen what 8 and 10 year old girls are wearing these days? I struggle to understand why any parent thinks it's a good idea to prematurely sexualise their children. They're asking for big trouble later.

Rant over sorry.

Benjamin Judge said...

Aidan you are deeply, deeply, conservative (with a small c obviously).

That family may have all been dying inside of embarassment but allowing their fourteen year old son to express himself. However badly he decides to do it.

Also, can I just point out that a fat man probably does enjoy eating cake. If he didn't he would eat less of it and be a thin man.

The T-shirt is clearly moronic, the owner may be too (he may grow up, he is only fourteen) the family possibly are all horrible, vulgar people, but you don't know that.

Why is the slogan worse because it is untrue? And why is it untrue because the boy was overweight and not because he was a child? Why do you hate fat people so much?

Oh and my aunt is Norwegian and she and all her family own T-shirts with slogans on. So there.

Benjamin Judge said...

When I said Aidan I meant Vole. Sorry. Didn't mean to blow your animosity on a site you put photos of yourself on.

Sue said...

Maybe his parents are naive and think ‘pussy’ is the family cat.
If not, no wonder society is in a serious state of moral decline!

Dan said...

The thought of someone eating the family cat is strangely amusing.

Ewarwoowar said...

I was walking through Telford Mall once (believe me, I didn't want to) and a girl walked past me. She was about 12, and she was wearing a T-shirt that said "Ask me. I might!"

I didn't know whether to feel disgusted about that or disgusted with myself for realising what the "joke" was. Regardless, it was rather troubling.

I did ask her, mind. She said no.


John Callaghan said...

I am fat and I like to eat cake with custard. Never cream always custard.

Looks like poor Moggs will be dripping with ambrosia when this child gets home

Some Chilean Woman said...

I hate the word 'pussy', you shocked?

The Plashing Vole said...

I hate 'pussy' too. I don't hate fat people. I am one.