Friday, 18 September 2009

You've got Mail

If you read Metro or one of the other rightwing papers (which ones aren't, these days?), all you'll have seen about the upcoming potential postal strike is that posties are lazy bastards who constantly skive and con their managers.

Anita the Lurker has kindly sent me this article from the London Review of Books (very good - subscribe today) which explains in some detail how the Mail is being made to look inefficient and obsolete, and how managerial culture is destroying this iconic lifeline. Funnily enough, posties are being treated in the same way we academics are - as blockages to some imaginary 'income stream' or 'repositioning' or whatever buzzword's current.


Dan said...

Our modules have been 'refocused.'

And do you know why they've been refocused? Well let me tell you:

- focused on student needs and demand
- designed to offer all students the opportunity to participate in volunteering, mentoring or a work placement
planned to distribute assessments more evenly across the academic year
- delivered through 6 more comprehensive modules per level rather than the present 8
- supported by consistently good teaching
- underpinned by effective resources

The second point is a great bit of BS. Just thought I'd share this.

Kate said...

In support of the article mentioned, our Postie says he isn't on strike and doesn't know anyone who is, it's all just the media blowing things wildly out of proportion (what a shock!). Meanwhile, we experienced birthday parcels and dissertations travelling through the post at record speed last week, and I've yet to speak to anyone who has been affected by the 'strike'.