Thursday, 24 September 2009

The clocks struck thirteen

The governors have just had a letter from the V-C about how the university's getting on. Apparently, everything's brilliant. They may have 'read in the press' about… problems with accessing Student Loans.

In real life, of course, they may have read about 250 sackings, but that's not mentioned at all. What a fantastic approach to communications…

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Current Buckingham Student said...

Considering all of the blogs above, I think most of you'll have gotten the article wrong due to the reason that, you might have not read the original article and you are just going by what people are saying, as Dr. Kealey’s article was merely saying its not a crime to look and admire any pretty female student by any lecturer! Not that it was encouraging any lecturers to sleep with student’s just to admire beauty when you see it! Being a current student in the university itself and having the opportunity to work with Dr.Kealey he is a very witty man who has a good sense of humour and very opinionated him self, the article was merely full of humour it was not written for people who have no sense of openness and humour in them. No vice chancellor of any university in their right mind would ever write such an article to bring bad coverage to hinder the reputation of its good name. But you just have to be looking at this article with some humour and wittiness, I’m a feminist my self and I believe in equality and women’s rights. The university is a very friendly place with teachers and students who are well aware of their rights, and their limitations. Its human nature to admire a pretty or good-looking student that does not mean that they are being out of line!