Thursday, 10 September 2009

Who loves ya, Birmingham?

Merciless posted a link to this legendary film in the comments section, and I feel you should all see Telly Savalas's guide to Birmingham, from sometime in the 1970s.


Dan said...

My personal favourite bit - apart from the dancing competition - is the "this is view that nearly took my breath away" bit.

Loadsa concrete, Telly? You sure about that?

Benjamin Judge said...

This is great! It is perhaps the perfect example of how our ideas of what is 'modern' change over time. It is easy to laugh at but this really did seem like a whole new world to people then. Car ownership was at this point becoming the norm but it was still a luxury not a 'right'. The idea of a market under a road to us seems preposterous because we see cars as dirty, noisy and polluting but then that seemed incredibly exciting. Concrete allowed these huge projects that soon became monsters to pop up seemingly overnight. We cringe now but concrete seemed to offer an unlimited potential.

Are there anymore of these? Cagney and Lacey in Cambridge and Leicester? Huggy Bear does Rotherham? Quincy in Warrington? Petrocelli in Colchester?