Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Money matters

Cynical Ben encourages us to buy art, and to list the five best things on which you've lavished money, as he's done. Being Ben, his list is erudite, varied and heartfelt.

Being me, mine isn't. I'm not very good with money. I either spend it like water, or hoard it. I've saved recently, but am now about to blow it on rent for a rather expensive flat, and enough bookcases to hold my extensive library and record (yes, records) collection - a product of my unthrifty ways. I'm so bad with money (and avoided gainful employment for so long) that I once had to sell 400 of my rarest 7" records merely to eat one summer. How I regret doing so.

However: good buys, excluding my books and records.

My Berghaus walking boots. I'm not very practical and had never owned any hiking gear before, so assumed that I'd automatically make the wrong choice, then spend a year acquiring painful blisters while dragging along half a mile behind the other Map Twats. Amazingly enough, they're warm, watertight, close-fitting and comfortable, much more so than my beloved DMs.

My Mac. It just works.

The Mont Blanc pen I bought to celebrate getting my PhD. I never use it though.

I have a couple of beautiful suits, which hide my hideous flabby carcass on special occasions.

The wrecked Moulton bicycle I have in the shed. It's almost 50 years old, revolutionary in design, and new ones are £6000-10000: I'll get mine restored one day.

Bamboo rice/veg steamers. £2.50, work perfectly and efficiently, and are environmentally friendly.


Benjamin. said...

Wonderfully in-consistent list, I feel my purchase of a long grey tailored Zara coat around £120 of my supposed rent money which lead to the landlord's anger was well worth it. I managed to aggravate whilst looking impeccable.

Zoot Horn said...

My Alhambra guitar cost me over £300 but they can go for around £600. It's got nylon strings and a wide neck so no hip person would touch it with a barge pole.I've told my partner that if the house catches fire then it is the Evacuation Assembly Point and will probably be outside with me before she is.

Jase said...

I had a similar experience with DMs. My first pair wore me in (rather than the other way around) by causing severe bleeding to both feet.

Proper walking boots are far more considerate!

Also, as a recent convert, Macs rock.

Kate said...

I spend a ridiculous amount on beautifully coloured, soft/fluffy wool to feed my knitting and crochet habit (at the weekend I spent £16 on wool just for a pair of socks!) - the Noro (Japanese hand dyed stuff) is particularly exquisite. My DM boots were also a sound investment - the third winter of wearing them and they're still going strong, unlike the 'fashion' boots I'd bought previously at a similar price that fell apart in a matter of weeks. I also carried some beautiful paintings back through three flights/airports by Ecuadorian artist Paula Ordonez - they are so cheery and me - I love them. The other lavish love would have to be my Beetle car - not the cheapest or most economical but I had wanted one for years!