Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another tree falls for my addiction

Having packed 40 boxes of books with more to come, you'd think that I'd have learned a lesson about my habit.

You'd be wrong. Two excellent books in the post today: Francis Wheen's history of the 1970s and its weirdness (Strange Days) and Iain Banks's Transition, which looks interesting because it looks like a mix of his literary material (always published as Iain Banks) and his science fiction (published as Iain M Banks). I also received the latest The Unthanks album, Here's the Tender Coming: hard-edged, often unsettling North-East folk music.

Meanwhile, I've been to a very stimulating Shakespeare lecture, and occasionally put my oar in. At least, I thought it was stimulating. Some of my readers were present, so I'll leave the critical judgement to them.

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Sue said...

All lectures given by you and Frank are excellent, and thought provoking.