Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday conundrum time!

It's Friday afternoon, so the staff here are obsessed with this Name Anagram Generator. If you're good at Scrabble, you can work out my actual name from Brainy Dean. The vice-chancellor, ironically enough, comes out as 'Principal Egos', and Zoot Horn is Calendar Girl. Poor Mark comes out as Jerk Moans.

Anyway, how about a conundrum. A practical one this time. Do I spend my spare money (e.g. what I don't spend on rent and books) on:
a) driving lessons. I'm 34 and haven't hitherto bothered.
b) more violin lessons. I wasn't much good. I'd practice now. Really.
c) smack. It's the only response to living in Wolverhampton.

What skill would you really like to acquire?


Zoot Horn said...

Learn violin. Become youthful eye candy in band with 3 old mingers in it. Make fortune.

Calendar Girl

Newton Heath 18 said...

I would quite like to learn to act/behave like a lady so I could con some man into marrying me so I could give up this working lark.

Voley, I quite think the violin lessons would be a good idea. I learned as a youngster and whilst I appreciate music I have no disernable talent. I envy those who do.
After all playing violin was good enough for Sherlock Holmes.

Imaginary Friend said...

I'd go with the violin lessons (just check how understanding your new neighbours are first!)- you've managed this long without driving so why start now (says she who doesn't know how she would manage without her car) and (c), I hope, is not really an option.

My name anagram comes out as 'Ha Ha! Darn the nun'. Thought you might like that one!

Lou said...

I had to throw my middle name into the anagram mix as well as my first try was not a good result. Not that this is much better....


Learn to drive dude! One day you're going to wish you learnt when you find yourself with a spectacular piece of open road in front of you and a high performance car on offer.

Lauren said...

My anagram is wound eager loner. Not very nice sounding!

I think you should take up violin lessons, although a car is practical it would cost much more than violin lessons. Alhough I suppose you would be able to get out of Wolverhampton at the drop of a hat in a car.
Personally I would love to learn a language, I quite fancy French or Italian.

Benjamin Judge said...

Hmmm I got Bend Ujjain Gem which is perhaps the worlds dullest anagram. So I tried Ben Judge and got Judge 'n' be. Jeremy's Iron anyone?

I imagine violin lessons would be a more long-term thing so maybe get driving lessons out of the way first?

What skill would I like to acquire? Woodwork maybe. I like the idea of making chairs and the like - quite peaceful. That and japanese sword techniques obviously.

The Plashing Vole said...

All very tempting hobbies. Language lessons are high on the list - particularly Norwegian/Danish (the written forms are virtually identical). Driving doesn't appeal but it may come in useful.