Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Definition of a meeting

An event which starts gloomily and ends in misery. Every time I sit round a table at the moment, I get up even more despairing. I get the sense now that the university management is making things up as it goes along. The latest joy is the announcement that the new degree programme should be proposed by next Friday…


Benjamin. said...

Is there anything that could be done to halt the delusions that higher authority hold? Surely a protest by a collective group of lecturers, esteemed colleagues and students would be allowed?

Be thankful you do not work under this gentleman, if that is the operative word:

Obviously his grandeur is far from professional even more so than our own establishment's management team.

Kate said...

Isn't making things up as you go along one of the key requisites of being a manager? It is if mine have been anything to go by. As for the article Demented alerted us to, how utterly, utterly abhorrent.

Benjamin. said...
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Benjamin. said...

Indeed, Kate! His allusion to Stringfellows was most surprising. Surely it's the last thing on anyone's mind in lectures even I known for devilish womanizing tendencies manage to refrain in the hourly learning period.

Then he made matters worse with this statement:

"She doesn't yet know that you are only Casaubon to her Dorothea, Howard Kirk to her Felicity Phee, and she will flaunt you her curves. Which you should admire daily to spice up your sex, nightly, with the wife."

Goodness me. To horribly mis-use Casaubon, the classical scholar and widely respected for his knowledge is like using Chaucer or Lord Byron in a travel guide.