Thursday, 11 October 2012

Welcome back, normality

Hello everyone. In my new spirit of achieving a degree of mental and emotional balance, I'm not needling lying Tory scum today. I've an idea that every single day will offer fresh opportunities, so I'm allowed a day off. Besides, there's more to me than sheer impotent fury. Really!

Today is a research day, a rare thing here in Vole Towers. I'm writing a joint book chapter proposal on the history of state attempts to suppress or counter underground media - the radical press in the 18th/19th centuries, and social media now. Then I'm going to do a bit more work on my travel writing in Wales paper, then drown myself go for a swim. The evening is also going to be fun: authors Horatio Clare and Niall Griffiths are coming to read from their contributions to Seren Books' stunning Mabinogion retellings series and talk about writing. It's open to all, and starts at 6 p.m. so do come. But you're not invited to dinner afterwards. One of them asked us to take him to Mad O'Rourke's World Famous Pie Factory in Tipton. Apparently you get pie served on a shovel. I'm genuinely excited.

Soundtrack today: A. R. Kane, Palace Music, Blueboy and the new Holst CD… Imogen Holst, that is.

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