Friday, 19 October 2012

Dreampop Friday

Right, I've spent the day in meetings. One of them was filmed for some bizarre reason. It will feature hot live bureaucrat-on-bureaucrat action. The scene with the PowerPoint remote control is quite frankly NSFW.

Anyway, I'm traumatised from my close-up - I AM big: it's the meetings that got small, as Norma (almost) said.  I need saccharine pop to cheer me up. Here's a selection of tracks I'm listening to at the moment:

Frankie Rose: 'Know Me':

Nobody's life is complete without some Slowdive (especially you, The XX)

I'm quite hooked on Nancy Elizabeth at the moment:

And if you want to know where they all got it from: This Mortal Coil's 'Song to the Siren':

and 'Kangaroo'.

Have a great weekend!

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