Wednesday, 17 October 2012

So that's how the BBC plays it…

You may recall that I complained to the BBC about Newsnight guests not declaring their oil exploration interests while discussing climate science. I got pretty annoyed that the complaints unit made me go through the same 28 questions to give them the transmission date even though a) I'd already done so and couldn't have completed the web questionnaire without doing so and b) it's on Newsnight's website.

Judging by the tone of today's email, this was clearly a delaying tactic:
Thank you for taking time to contact us again. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our earlier response to your complaint and appreciate that you felt strongly enough to contact us again about the matter.
How to read this other than an admission that viewers are intended to undertake trial-by-website to weed out those too tired or dispirited to follow things through? Their 'earlier response' was simply an e-mail (from an address which can't take replies) asking for the transmission date - not a 'response' at all. I can't point this out to them because I can't reply to this email either. To do so, I'd have to fill in the 28 question website again. Kafka would certainly feel at home at Capita/BBC

So what's being done about my complaint? Well, this latest email is to tell me that they won't be able to respond within the standard time-frame.

*Bangs head on desk*.


Jake said...

Try "Dear Ceefax". (Yes, it still exists.) At it'll result in someone bothering to actually read it.

Anonymous said...

Erm, the BBC is a propaganda vehicle, they report nothing impartially. I realise that it's a bit different, but just look at the Gary McKinnon case - 'The greatest military hacker of all time' when all he did was exploit blank admin passwords and inherited domain permissions. It's all bile, emotive language and misinformation.

If you are looking for a true 'fair' debate then you would be wise to avoid the BBC and mainstream press, unsurprisingly these organisations have agendas of their own.