Monday, 11 April 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Here at the Hegemon, one of the hegemonic institutions is an electronic magazine called The Insider, which is ironic because we're always the last to be informed of anything and we're certainly never consulted about academic decisions.

The latest edition of Pravda is a delight: an invitation to a 'celebration' of the Vice-Chancellor as she retires - not that I can see much to celebrate given that 160 people lost their jobs because she and her highly-paid monkeys misled the government about how many students we had, leading to a multimillion pound fine, a disastrous restructuring of the academic provision, and our huge pay cut (balanced out by her £7000 pay rise last year). Cheers!

There are exciting developments highlighted though. If I click this link, I reach the revelation that we have a New Colour Printer Installed! Not any old colour printer, but a Ricoh ProC901s, made in Telford! It's got an air-assisted paper feed! And it features 'excellent registration for duplex'!

What a shame we're banned from printing anything in my school. Still, perhaps we'll organise a trip over to print services, press our noses against the window and watch someone run off gold-edged performance bonus statements for the Executive, and our redundancy letters will be beautifully sharp.

Heady days, heady days.

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