Friday, 15 April 2011

Getting slightly surreal here

I'm trying to mark resit essays this morning, slowly and reluctantly. Outside, it's International Day, when we try to attract rich kids from outside the EU. Right now, an accordionist is playing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (not a common occurrence at the moment) in one corner, while the knee bells of another folk band are jangling to a different tune. It's all rather jolly. I may have to skive off for a few minutes.

Did I post this bit of found poetry earlier? I've a memory like a sieve…

Hmm. International Day seems to be exactly the kind of half-arsed job this place specialises in: a few tents, hosting people from China, Nepal, Estonia, Germany and some aging expats from Ireland, plus a couple of Indian musicians. This rather random collection outnumbers the students - which is quite predictable on a Friday afternoon at the fag-end of the term, when most of those here are doing exams… A nice idea, but so badly organised. I'm sure those taking exams right now are loving the massed drum-and-triangle band now assaulting my ears.

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Ewarwoowar said...

International Day, eh?

Probably a good chance of Polish girls there then, would you say? Hmm.