Friday, 6 May 2011

My plan for the public sector deficit

As you may have noticed, the UK is paying for the bank rescue by cutting services to the poor, the sick and the old.

This seems a bit unfair.

I was looking at my local council results (35 Labour, 22 Tory, 3 Lib Dem) and had a brainwave.

People who vote Tory actually WANT public services to be cut. Lib Dem voters don't mind these attacks on the fabric of society. Other voters don't want these cuts.

So: simply target all these cuts on Tory and Lib Dem wards and constituencies. If your ward voted for the coalition, we close your library and Sure Start centre. We reduce the bin collections and switch off the street lights. We cut down on police patrols, lollipop ladies, school meals and all the other things you pay for. Everywhere else gets to keep the services they voted for. If your political philosophy is right, your areas will thrive and the Labour areas will sink into resentful, feather-bedded dependency.

Think of it as being freed to engage with the Big Society. I don't see a down side to this.

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