Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Send us your money

Because we live in a decadent culture in which medical research is seen as a luxury extra while nuclear weapons and Michael Gove are essential items for government expenditure, charities have to find increasingly odd ways simply to attract the attention of you lot.

My friend Emma has taken up the burden and is doing a night-time marathon walk ('The Moonwalk') in aid of breast cancer research with thousands of other people and I think you should send her some of your money.

You'll only spend it on Kinder Eggs and smack otherwise, so cough up here.


ed said...

Smack and Kinder Eggs? Sounds like my primary school education.

Remember, money isn't the only way to support charities. I prefer to give my old stuff to places like Oxfam and Compton Hospice. All win situation - I don't have to part with my food money (and thus, by consequence, food), and these places can sell-on my old books or records for a profit.

So Vole. 3000 + books is it? Let me know where/when you generously donate...

Anonymous said...

Oh alright then