Friday, 6 May 2011

Electoral gloom

I don't think anybody should be too happy with today's election results. The Tories have had a minor kicking when they deserved a major one, the Lib Dems have received the apocalyptic thrashing they DID deserve, and Labour hasn't done well enough. Admittedly it's only a year since they were thrown out of office, but they were running against the epitome of evil. Plaid Cymru have severely underperformed, which I think is a genuine pity (they even lost Aberconwy to the bloody Tories), and only the Scottish National Party has really done well.

As to the electoral reform vote, I think that one's badly lost. All I've learned from this election cycle is that people respond all too well to lies and scaremongering, and that there are a lot more selfish Tory Scum out there than is healthy for a society. It's been one of the most vicious and dishonest campaigns this country has ever seen.

At some point, we've got to seriously decide whether such individuals should be permitted the usual civil rights: the vote, freedom of movement and assembly. Couldn't we just give them the Isle of Man and let them get on with it? After a couple of years with no state health, education, infrastructure and taxation system (but as much fox-hunting and birching as they can handle), they'll be worshipping hand-carved statues of Clement Atlee and begging to be allowed back in.


Ewarwoowar said...

I have to dispute your first sentence there, Voley.

The person I voted for (Tory) won.

My friend who I delivered campaign literature for in a different borough (Labour) won, and I am absolutely delighted for him.

The miserable little compromise looks like it's going to lose.

No, I'm very happy.

The Plashing Vole said...

I was thinking in less personal terms.
Despite what you say about sex over on your blog, you're certainly politically promiscuous!