Monday, 23 May 2011

Surviving BA English the easy way

I've just read a very interesting website, curated by a group of English literature students at some university. Despite not being able to differentiate between 'cannon' and 'canon', they've got some interesting things to say about the texts they're studying, and they say it in lively ways too.

Take, for instance, this entry on Milton's Paradise Lost, which was so interesting that one of my students decided that - with a few cosmetic changes and grammatical errors - it should form the majority of 'his' own essay.

Be warned, kiddies: I am the Plagiarism Plenipotentiary and I will never be deceived!


ed said...

"Plagiarism Plenipotentiary"? Did you show up late when they were handing out super-powers?

Though to be fair, I got "the ability to fly, but only on planes".

johan_5179 said...

The cannon-canon 'error' was a pun.

The Plashing Vole said...

In that case, my apologies. I love puns and usually spot them. Bravo!