Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekend wonderland

Imaginary Friend and I went wandering in Cheshire this weekend - a stroll along the canal near Nantwich and a visit to stunning Capesthorne Hall, largely to play with our cameras. Amongst the delights - insects, bluebells and a cat being bullied by 200 sheep. The little coward ended up cowering between my feet before being chased into the woods.

The whole set is here - click on these samples for larger versions.

There wasn't time to reset the camera for flight, but the empty background makes it a useful shot.


Stand By Me.

Capesthorne Hall chapel

Bluebell wood

Sheep/Cat Face-off

The hunt begins


Imaginary Friend said...

Cool photos. I love the cat/ sheep face-off. I now have camera and lens envy! Struggling to upload my photos, my internet connection keeps failing.

Some Chilean Woman said...

I'm so jealous. My camera has died. Beautiful shots, my friend! Hope you're doing well!

Tim said...

Great photographs.I have enjoyed looking at them. Inspired!