Friday, 20 May 2011


Our illustrious MP made a cameo appearance in the city today. He oiled down to the local further education college to schmooze the kids there:

Had a great Q&A this morning with students from City of Wolverhampton College. 
How did the conversation go?
Him: I've abolished your Education Maintenance Allowance. And whacked up university fees to £9000. And helped privatise the NHS. And slashed benefits for everybody. Vote Tory!
Them: !

Unless this was of course a stage-managed, Potemkin village publicity stunt…

Unfortunately, there's no detail as yet, though I'm hoping some of the students will post something (use the comments box). I note that Uppal hasn't managed to make it as far as the university yet, and his reticence about what the college kids said to him speaks volumes.

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