Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Turd of the week

Imagine this guy saying this with a big greedy smile on his face:

A typical Royal Mail postman outside London earns about £375 before tax - just shy of £20,000 per year - for a 40 hour week, with diminishing prospects for overtime. 'That's a lot of money in current terms', said Guy Buswell, the chief executive of UK Mail, Royal Mail's only big British competitor alongside Deutsche Post and TNT. 'My drivers who deliver parcels have to struggle to get £300 in their pay packets before tax and they work a lot longer hours…'.
A normal human being would be saying that with sympathy. Perhaps even some shame. But Mr. Buswell is proud, very proud that his business makes its money from beggaring its workers.

Now, how much does Mr. Buswell earn?

Well, in 2009, he took home £318,000 basic salary, £13,000 'benefits', a £159,000 bonus and a £48,000 pension contribution. Which makes £538,000. Which is £10,346 per week.

He must be feeling very clever.

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