Friday, 6 May 2011

Good luck with that

The unpleasant fringe nationalist English Democrats party is running several candidates in… Wales!

Is the Empire back, or is this some kind of attempt at humour?

According to their webpage, they think that Monmouthshire is suffering under the Welsh yoke, while apparently not minding that Wales itself was forcibly incorporated into England by the Act of Union.

It's time for Monmouth to throw off fascist Welsh imperialism! Who's with them?
Er… nobody. 2% in Monmouth constituency, well behind the Welsh Nationalists' 8%! They managed 1% in the region, behind the Welsh Greens and the Welsh Christian Party. Well done, chaps!

Presumably their next move is to run candidates in Calais and Le Havre, given that the perfidious French forcibly incorporated these ports into France in 1558 and 1450 respectively.


ed said...

Lovely little paradox courtesy of a friend:

"I wanted us to have AV so we'd be better represented as a nation, but apparently the rest of the nation doesn't want us to be better represented. Therefore, we are better represented by a system of bad representation?"

Tim said...

The BNP does fairly well in Wales, and that has always worried me. They nearly got a seat from the regional list in North Wales in the 2007 elections.