Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back where I belong

Yes, I'm back in the office, chair once more moulding itself to my chubby thighs after a week's break. How are you all? It's been a bewildering and exciting few days - two weddings and an awful lot of socialising, something I'm not entirely brilliant at.

Mind you, neither are my relatives. One uncle opened the conversation with 'The NHS should be abolished. It's inefficient'. Which I thought was slightly strange. At a wedding, to the son of two doctors. From a man who's availed himself and his family of NHS care. Ah well, I got to wheel out my best lines, before the conversation turned to the royal wedding - people seemed genuinely shocked that I didn't watch it, or read about it. At this point, I'd like to thank Channel 5 for showing a series of excellent Westerns.

Other people need thanks too: certainly David Wells, who sent me a large pile of (free) Left Book Club editions, which I collect: sir, you are a gentleman. Everybody buy your books at his employer, Worldofbooks.com.

Talking of books, it's been a very successful break: 5 books read: the Hunger Games trilogy, Wolf Hall and Shaxson's Treasure Islands, an exposé of how all our governments have (often deliberately) imported or encouraged tax evasion on a massive scale, leading to the impoverishment of us all. It's a sickening and essential read. No books bought! Though David sent 12 and another couple arrived in the post in my absence.

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