Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The perfect gift for the modern ass

Imagine sitting in a design meeting, wondering what 'the kids' want. And by 'the kids', I'm mean corporate whores into their working lives who want to express their inner arsehole. You come up with the ideal product.

And then imagine going to a famous, expensive department store and explaining that this product will sell like hot cakes by tapping into that 'rebellious corporate whore' market.

Then picture yourself as the customer, looking for that elusive gift for the corporate whore. The guy who thinks that working in, say, banking, is somehow rebellious and cool. How can he express himself through the medium of sartorial conformity, and yet still stick it to 'the man'?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the answer. And they're only £105 from Liberty. I suspect George Osborne wears them when he meets poor people, and smiles to himself when he remembers what's under his suit cuffs.

Yeah! Silver plated Paul Smith middle-finger cufflinks. That'll show them.

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