Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jeni Barnett is an ill-informed loon and a danger to the public

She is, needless to say, a radio presenter on LBC, which apparently qualifies her to bullshit away about medical matters and shout down actually qualified people. Now she's harassing Ben Goldacre over at Bad Science. Not because he's distorted her ill-informed ravings, but because he posted an audio clip of her so that he couldn't be accused of misquoting her insane and dangerous rambling - encouraging people to believe that MMR vaccination is damaging to children (short answer - it isn't and all the science proves it). 

This malicious no-talent whinger isn't challenging Ben on medical or factual grounds - but on copyright: 'fair use' is apparently an unknown concept to her - or perhaps she doesn't want her inane rambling to be subjected to sober assessment. What a coward, and what a desperate, bandwagon jumping pathetic excuse for a public figure. Send her a message!


Anonymous said...

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