Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last

I don't know if you care about or have been following the shenanigans at FIFA (sharp businessmen + sport + £billions = corruption!!!!!), but it's fascinating. I'm involved with my sport's governing body as it tries to modernise from amateurish snobby incompetence to professional outfit, so I can see some of the pressure points.

What's wonderful about FIFA is the pantomime villain quality of these people: they've turned their organisation (like the IOC, run for decades by actual card-carrying Fascists) into a cash cow protected from corruption enquiries, tax authorities and justice (gotta love the Swiss), and they still acting like they're the victims.

Hence Sepp Blatter's plaintive cry in his re-election speech today (unopposed, his opponents having been less subtle than him with the suitcases of cash):
""Football belongs to everyone and we are in charge. I have found my voice again. If you agree with me, say it!"

It brings to mind images of poor Mr. Blatter bound and gagged in the cellar of his Zurich eyrie, eyes rolling as his opponents drag trolleys of gold bullion towards waiting trucks before making a fast getaway. You wouldn't think he's been there since 1975, and President since 1998…

What a rotten bunch. And talking of rotten football records:

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Ewarwoowar said...

Scotland '74, where the Jocks had the distinction of bowing out at the group stages despite not losing a game.

A feat not managed until last year when New Zealand drew their 3 group stage games, I believe.