Friday, 18 December 2009

En garde!

Hello children. How many of you are snowed in? Not me, dammit. It's cold but sunny I'm in the office, slowly doing administration for the fencing team I'm managing this weekend. I'm really not looking forward to my 5 a.m. start and long coach journey.

Still it should be a great weekend. It's the Cadet Winton, the junior version of the Winton Cup, an annual inter-regions event. Most of the fencers know each other from the individual circuit, so they get the chance to fight as a team (a strange experience for a largely individualistic sport), to support and be supported by their comrades, and often to make new friends.

For me, I'll be happy as long as we fence well, nobody gets hurt and nobody gets left behind/drunk/whatever.

It's held in a posh boarding school, which is a strange experience, having gone to a very non-posh boarding school for a period of my (chequered) school life. At least I won't be expecting warm, comfortable beds or decent food…


Some Chilean Woman said...

'Posh' is probably one of the few words I've adapted from my husband...oh and 'chips'

Benjamin Judge said...

Chips is a top word.