Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wights on my Wick

OK, yesterday's excursion to Wightwick Manor - an Arts and Crafts joy on the edge of The Dark Place - was a washout owing to it not being open on Tuesdays until July. So we went to Bridgnorth instead: a jewel of a small town perched on a cliff above the Severn in Shropshire. It's a chocolate box of a place, so here are some pretty pictures (whole set here) rather than anything particularly artistic - click them to enlarge:

Richard Baxter's house: he was a Puritan thinker

The Old Grammar School, now very expensive houses. Sigh…

The cat wouldn't let me ram the stick all the way

Tree root: I just liked the lighting

Chewing on one of Christine's Christmas yarnbombs

This is the same expression I use for student cheats.

Pews in St. Leonard's Church

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Some Chilean Woman said...

I love the last photo, it's beautiful, seriously, great job.