Friday, 3 June 2011

Why the Liberal Democrats are (and deserve to be) dead ducks

A very interesting report into the operation of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition was published today. Unsurprisingly, it declared that the Lib Dems are too few, too poor and too weak to make much difference to the Tory juggernaut.

Most damning of all was this bit:

In a sign of the ideological unity inside departments, the unit said: "There have been very few – if any – cases where ministers in departments have divided on party lines.
"Indeed, across whole swathes of policy the coalition partners have discovered little difference in their policy responses when confronted with the hard choices of government.

We on the left have always known that under the Arran jumpers and sandals was a party of selfish rightwingers, but many deluded people have seen them as the 'nice' party. No longer. Why vote Lib Dem if they're Tories? If you're a Tory, vote Tory. If you're not, vote Labour, Green or the imaginary Green Socialist party I've just thought up. If you're actually a Lib Dem, be honest and vote Tory. 


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If you are looking for candidates for your just-thought-up party, I would like to nominate myself.