Monday, 6 June 2011

Taking the moral and intellectual high ground

If you haven't discovered the delights of Conservapedia yet, then you should abandon all thoughts of work for the rest of the day. Imagine an encyclopaedia with most of the facts taken out and replaced with snide, rightwing, dishonest and disingenuous commentary (e.g. it presents George Washington as an orthodox Christian rather than a deist: he and the other Founding Fathers accepted that there was a creator, but that he'd since lost interest). 

The site is an object lesson in 'playing the man not the ball'. If you're an atheist, for instance, Conservapedia is very keen to link that to your perceived moral or physical failings. Rather dangerously for an American website, given that nation's unfortunate tendency towards ponderousness, it thinks that the most damning thing it can say about any atheist is that they're a little porky because they aren't Christian. Here's a selection from the list of Atheists

Dara Ó Briain is an Irish comedian and he is an atheist.[201] A 2008 picture of an overweight Dara Ó Briain can be found HERE
Walter Block is an atheist economist. A picture of an overweight Walter Block can be found HERE.
Carol Ann Duffy, CBE,(born 1955) is a Scottish poet and playwright. Carol Ann Duffy is an atheist.[202] A picture of an overweight Ms. Duffy can be found HERE
Edmund White is a author, literary critic, homosexual and an atheist.[203][204] Photos of an overweight Edmund White can be found HERE and HERE.
The Bible declares lesbianism to be a sin (Romans 1:27) and lesbians have significantly higher rates of obesity.[214]Since the Bible declares gluttony and lesbianism to be sins, no doubt there are obese people and/or lesbians who reject Christianity, despite the abundant evidence for Christianity, and decide to become atheists rather than repent and become Christians

That last entry is accompanied by a photo of Beth Ditto. Perhaps they've got it in for Buddha… and footnotes.


Blossom said...

So all I need to do, to lose the extra pounds on my thighs, is damn those homosexuals (especially the fat ones), repent my gluttony and praise god, the chief WeightWatcher?

I had been considering lesbianism as my next lifestyle choice but I really can't afford the extra weight gain....

The Plashing Vole said...

It's easier for a fat person to get through the eye of a needle than a homosexual to get to heaven.

I can't think of any anti-fat statements by Christ. Nor any about lesbians and gays. It was all St. Paul, who was into S+M.

Blossom said...

St. Paul was into S&M? Cool.

I remember my mother's vicar preaching that homosexuals could get into heaven, just so long as they didn't practice any homosexual acts. I think they were supposed to weave baskets instead. And heterosexuals were okay as long as they didn't masturbate or have any impure thoughts, or have sex outside of marriage, or have affairs but attended church more frequently than the once a year carol service.

It would seem heaven is a pretty exclusive club.