Tuesday, 7 June 2011

'Spare rooms a luxury too far' says multimillionaire Baron

Yes, it's true. Apparently the country isn't being sucked dry by corporate tax evasion and bailing out the banks. It's the greedy low-paid who think that housing benefit should fund a home with a spare room.

Spare bedrooms for people in social housing are a luxury the country can no longer afford, a minister has said.
Tenants with spare rooms will lose £11 a week in housing benefit under changes going through Parliament.
Asked by You and Yours presenter Julian Worricker, if a spare bedroom should be regarded as a "luxury" for those in social housing, Lord Freud said: "Exactly - we have got a housing benefit expenditure that is simply out of control. 

You single parents disgust me. Wanting your children to have their own room. Can't you see that the world's 5th biggest economy is being dragged beneath the waves because of YOUR selfishness. 

Privately educated Baron Freud didn't make hundreds of millions of pounds by leeching a spare room courtesy of hard-working taxpayers. He made it through financial speculation and probably through inheriting a large amount of money. Why can't you?

(And while they're fining these people, it turns out that they couldn't move to smaller places if they wanted to):
Figures from the National Housing Federation suggest that around 180,000 social tenants in England are "under-occupying" two-bedroom homes, but just 68,000 one-bedroom social homes became available for letting in a single year.

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