Monday, 13 June 2011

Qualifications-Free Schools

One of the wacky wheezes dreamed up by the government is 'free' schools: paid for by us, established without regard for the demographic needs of the local population, and controlled by whoever sets it up, be it dubious businessmen or the Transcendental Meditation movement (their school in Lancashire is currently fee-paying, applying for 'free school' status: parents of prospective students must commit to learning TM). This is meant to 'drive up standards'.

Oh yeah? Then why is it that one of the pesky bits of 'red tape' to be abolished is the requirement that the teachers actually have teaching qualifications?

Mr Gove, who has been criticised by teaching unions for the move, told the House of Commons last week that the lack of regulation would create "dynamism".
"Innovation, diversity and flexibility are at the heart of the free schools policy," he said. "We want the dynamism that characterises the best independent schools to help drive up standards in the state sector.
"In that spirit, we will not be setting requirements in relation to qualifications. Instead, we will expect business cases to demonstrate how governing bodies intend to guarantee the highest quality of teaching and leadership in their schools.
"Ensuring that each free school's unique educational vision is translated into the classroom will require brilliant people with a diverse range of experience."

So, any huckster with a welcoming grin and a commitment to beating creationism'n'banking into the brats can get our taxes paying for his bullshit. What a dumb country this is going to turn into.

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