Thursday, 9 June 2011


Bah. A 3 hour union meeting means that all the food outlets on campus have closed. Even though during the summer months all that's available is a bit of soup and a plastic box of lettuce and tomato they call a salad, I was looking forward to it.

Did you see People and Planet's Universities Green League Tables (congratulations to Nottingham Trent)? The Hegemon was in the 80s, which was surprisingly high given the efficiency ratings of my building. A few weeks ago, they turned an area of scrubby bushes and trees into this for a reason I can't fathom: it contributes to flooding and can't be used for anything practical.

Oh, and if you think that our claims of academic poverty are overblown, check out the contents of my classroom:

I love the idea that a plug (and a 1970s TV) still constitutes Educational Technology

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