Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Grasping cripple bastards

Yes, Philip Davies MP has bravely proposed that the Minimum Wage (a princely £5.93 for over 21s) should be abolished for the disabled (and his Tory colleague Christopher Chope tried and failed to pass an 'Employment Opportunities Bill' which abolished it for everyone because it's interfering with the poor and disabled's economic autonomy.

But Davies has a point. We all know that disabled people in jobs are just there for charity. They don't do as much work as real employees. It's just to make companies feel caring and cuddly. Someone else has to do their work for them all over again anyway. And when you factor in all those adapted cars, wheelchairs, special toilets, keyboards, big screens, wider doors, note-takers and so on, it must lose the company more than the employee's worth. So if we cut them out of the minimum wage, we're just being honest. And disabled people eat less. It's a scientific fact. None of them have families - or shouldn't - so they don't need as much pay as everybody else. We're nice enough to them already. I hold doors open for them literally every month. What do these scroungers want? Blood?

Jesus. It's people like Hawking who are holding this country back. And I haven't even started on the mentals. *

*I am being sarcastic, by the way. Sorry to have to point this out but people often misunderstand. I'm channelling the voice of Messrs Davies and Chope.

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