Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ewar's latest wheeze

OK, before I start cleaning my desk and corner (my office mates are horrified by the squalor), I need to plug Ewar's current activity. Now lectures and exams are finished, he and his minions are clearly very bored.

So they - in concert with the ne'erdowells over at Football 365 - have decided to subvert Next's 'Next Model 2011' PR stunt by nominating someone called Roland Bunce.

It seems like a good use of your time. So don't be a dunce, vote Roland Bunce.


oldgirlatuni said...

Love it. Vote duly cast.

Jim said...

I notice there is an option to 'report this image as offensive'.

I was going to vote for him in the same way that I listened to Rage Against the Machine at Christmas but didn't buy the record.

This is why Hobbes was right - you feckless peasants.