Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Even the gods have their off days

I'm currently listening to Kats Karavan, a collection of tracks played on John Peel's various radio shows over the decades. It's limited by licensing problems, I assume: many of his favourites aren't there, while I'm not sure that Traffic and Joan Armatrading are particularly representative of Peel's general outlook.

Lots of it is wonderful stuff that's hard to get hold of. But quite a lot of it is the kind of music that gives art students a bad name: this, for example, puts me in mind of a first-year performance art exercise. It's the Native Hipsters. I fervently hope they're now traffic wardens.

Mind you, musical taste is terribly subjective: Peel also championed The Cuban Boys, and I adore this track, and the film they sampled.

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