Monday, 6 June 2011

And so the day is ended…

What a day: stolen sandwiches and two hours of our external examiners telling us how brilliant we are despite our management… It's also fascinating hearing how other institutions do things (i.e. research-led teaching, small classes, academics making academic decisions).

Books in today:
A translation of Béroul's prose Romance of Tristan, Cyril Edwards' translation of Wolfram von Eschenbach's medieval German Arthurian romance poem Parzival, with Titurel too, Norris Lacy's The Lancelot-Grail Reader (the condensed version, unfortunately), and Diana Wynne Jones's Deep Secret. Oh, and an interesting CD, Julianna Barwick's The Magic Place. It's not Enya, it's looped polyphonic sampling, I keep telling myself.

Now I'm off for pints and a slap-up feed with the examiners.

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Some Chilean Woman said...

That song reminded me of 'She Moved Through The Fair'. Beautiful.