Friday, 16 October 2009

Yo! Bumrush the show!

Good morning, children. I can almost see light at the end of this week's tunnel, and what a week it's been. The latest on the redundancy front is that the uni has threatened to advance the compulsory redundancy phase if we keep saying nasty things about the vice-chancellor (such as calling on her to resign). Oooh, scary!

Neal turned up last night, tired, hungry and beardy after spending a week with the hippies at CAT, eating lentils and building his test walls (he's doing an MSc. in sustainable building). I fed him meat, made him use a cup and saucer as part of my drive to live in a civilised fashion, and he's probably still asleep. I wish I'd spent the week in Wales with hippies!

Rather shamingly, I found the passport I'd lost 5 or 6 years ago. Having blamed my former landlord for accidentally chucking it out, it turned up as a bookmark in a biography of Samuel Beckett…

Tonight, a little more culture: The Revenger's Tragedy at the Arena theatre in Wolverhampton, followed by curry with my sophisticated and suave colleagues Ben, Frank and Hilary. It's by Thomas Middleton (it used to be attributed to Tourneur), was first performed in 1606 and is still considered shocking, dark and violent. Highly recommended.

Then tomorrow it's off to Bangor University, for its 125th anniversary: there's a discussion between novelists James Hawes and Philip Pullman which I might not arrive in time for, then Super Furry Animals performing in the main hall. My friends Aimée and Vicky are also attending, so we'll have a good gossip as we haven't got together in a very long time.


Benjamin Judge said...

That sounds like an excellent weekend. I have some very fond memories of Super Furry Animals live.

Good work on the meat/cup and saucer too (unless it was coffee in which case it was the incorrect vessel for the proposed liquid - I'll trust it was tea) You have to watch these hippies. OK it's sustainable walls and peace and love today but turn your back for one minute and they're off knitting alfalfa or attaching beads to something.

The Plashing Vole said...

Mint tea made with fresh mint leaves!
Wise words on the hippies - fleas and narcissism all round, though showing the world how to build sustainably is a noble thing.

Ewarwoowar said...

Morning Vole. I've put down Paradise Lost for a few seconds to alert you to this:

I'll trust once you've read it you will bring it to the attention of your loyal readers. What an absolute fucking cunt that woman is.

Benjamin Judge said...

Bloody Hell! Ewarwoowar. Thanks for pointing that out. That woman is truly evil. Do you think the mail will publish my comment on it?

The Plashing Vole said...

Don't engage with them - you won't make any converts! This is revolting - thanks.