Wednesday, 28 October 2009

That would be an ecumenical matter…

In case you missed it, Pope Benedictosaurus has announced that any reactionary, bigoted Anglican vicars who are fed up of women tidying up the cloisters and thinking they're priests, can join the Catholic church, no questions asked.

Old Benedict is an utter throwback, determined to drag Catholicism back to the 14th century, despite the groundswell of opinion amongst younger clerics and theologians that looks forward to the eighteenth, at least. Many of the Catholic priests aren't going to be overly impressed by a load of johnny-come-latelies turning up, without really changing their beliefs, and bringing their wives with them - perhaps the Catholics who want to get married should convert to Anglicanism, marry, then come back…

It's not a friendly act, 'unsettling' a whole bunch of a rival's employees, like a football manager. Though it might help the Anglicans by allowing them to offload their worst elements.

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Benjamin Judge said...

Catholics, Anglicans does it make any difference?

Essentially the concept of denomination is a bit of a non-starter isn't it?

They are basically a bunch of people all eating shit soup arguing over who has got the best spoon.