Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A lovingly-detailed model of Benefits Street can be yours, for only…

For fans of Benefits Street, Vole Towers has the perfect gift for you: a lovingly moulded fine ceramic diorama of the notorious haunt of the feckless, the criminal and the foreign, full of artisanal detail. Marvel at the discarded mattress! Thrill at the sight of abandoned cookers in the front garden! Shudder at the sight of the underclass in all its filthy glory. Remember: you're paying for this luxury! Order your limited edition model now, before the economy revives and prole scum are swept off even these streets!

(Click to enlarge)

Actually, it's not mine at all: this was a spoof ad in Viz magazine many years ago. How times have changed.

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A-ha! said...

Very funny. I manged to zoom in to the image and read the description, and it was beautifully written.