Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mapping history

Given that I'm in a walking group known as the Map Twats, I was always likely to love this animated historical map of Europe. I try to find good maps to show students as a way of explaining that nations and states are temporary, contingent and often imaginary - even though this one only starts at 1000 A.D., it's an excellent introduction.

If anyone's done one of the British Isles, let me know: 'Wales' was several countries, as were Scotland and Ireland, while 'England' was really a Heptarchy (seven kingdoms) with several smaller sub-states for quite a while in the pre-Norman period, then reduced to fewer more powerful states, then became a Danish possession (under Cnut) before eventually becoming a regional possession of Normandy.

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neal said...

That is fantastic! Hours of mappy fun.
I think I may be spending the next few days watching this.