Wednesday, 16 May 2012

All Points Bulletin: Have You Seen This MP?

I'm now becoming seriously worried about the safety and whereabouts of Paul Uppal MP.

Caption contest?

Normally he's all over the place - popping up at PMQs to make some point dictated to him by the whips; churning out idenitikit press releases; claiming credit for everything up to and including the Big Bang.

But recently he's gone under the radar. Virtually no Tweets. No self-adulatory posts on his website for almost a month. No industry-friendly pieces in speculators' journals. No - and this perplexes me most of all - explanations of why he voted to cut benefits for the blind, the young and the disabled. Not a peep from him during the election campaign during which his party did so badly. Certainly no representation of his constituents (but then that came a long way down his list of priorities ever since 2010).

Paul: if you're out there, check in. We're your friends, we worry about you. If you're snowed under counting your money, just say so. Now that Tories are an endangered species in this city, it would be terrible to lose the most prominent one. As long as we know you're safe (and not desperately casting about for a safe seat elsewhere, because let's face it, you're toast in 2015).


Rachel said...

He must be snowed under with correspondence from his disgruntled constituents. Hello Paul! Plenty more where that came from. I've only just started.

The Plashing Vole said...

Good luck getting anything decent out of him!