Friday, 21 January 2011

How politics works

It's utter chaos over in Ireland - attempted ruling-party coups, resignations, and a general election in 8 weeks.

This beautiful sentence caught my eye (from the Irish Times):
Killeen also said this was his understanding. Indeed, it was during the meeting that he learned he was going to be resigning.
The Taoiseach (PM) 'resigned' several of his ministers. Then he offered the jobs to several people, who said no. Now he's given serious jobs (like Minister of Foreign Affairs) to other Cabinet members on top of what they're already doing.

Toytown. With added corruption.

Update: and now the prime minister's resigned as head of Fianna Fail. Then the Greens withdrew from the coalition over the weekend to hasten the election. What appalling damage they've done to green politics in Ireland: they'll be out of power for at least a generation, having propped up one of the worst and most corrupt governments in living memory - without having achieved anything Green.


Sinéad said...

- An' sure an' what have the Greens ever done for us?
- Well, they put those ugly blue rent-a-bikes all over town to cut down on car traffic through the city centre.
- And they... no, I'm coming up blank. That's it.
- So, apart from ugly blue bikes, what have the Greens ever done for us?

According to them, quite a lot, but mostly, I think they'll be remembered for the bikes!

The Plashing Vole said...

It's a really weak list: considerations, consultations - nothing big, and it's so urgent. They've betrayed green politics.