Thursday, 29 January 2009

Possibly the highlight of my sporting career

Most of what I laughably consider my achievements are tinged with disappointment. Not last night's glory though. Last night, I executed a perfect prime parry-riposte. Obviously this will thrill precisely none of you, but it impressed me, and my opponent, who clearly wasn't expecting me to land something which requires precision, speed, timing and low cunning. When you have a plan and it works, time slows. You can both see what's happening - the inevitability of the hit is apparent from the first move. Nothing is so satisfying - or nothing in my life anyway!

Though looking back, should I feel bad that my victim, Becky, is off to Uganda to do charitable work? Her last action as a fencer was to receive my wrath - though perhaps the multiple bruises I carry from fencing her should compensate for the humiliation.

The photo isn't of me, and there's a far more dynamic shot in this month's The Sword which I'll scan in another day.

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Felix said...

hey a,
dunno what u r talking about but it sounds quite impressive.
can't even hold a sword properly;)