Monday, 23 December 2013

Reading this blog may warp your fragile little minds.

I feel like I should be wearing some kind of medallion, because I'm clearly a serious threat to public morality. That's right: Plashing Vole is BLOCKED under 02's 'Parental Control' settings.

Oh yeah. My stern critiques of Michael Gove, neoliberalism and bad books are TOO HOT for impressionable young minds. Still, I've got a way to go: 02 still thinks this is an 'Educational Site' and adults are still able to read the poisonous filth dripping from my keyboard. I'm not as dangerous as some other depraved sites which have been blocked under the default safety rules: Childline, Refuge and on BT:
 "sites where the main purpose is to provide information on subjects such as respect for a partner, abortion, gay and lesbian lifestyle, contraceptive, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy."
Oh, and 'esoteric material', which I would hope to qualify for one day. It's fascinating that the primary moral fear in the UK is sexuality, rather than say, violence. What's next though? Once sex has been banned from the internet, will politics and religion become verboten? I think of David Cameron as an even less intelligent version of Dolores Umbridge:

'For the greater good. I want to do what must be done. '
'Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be... prohibited!'
Dolores was as keen on stifling free speech as our current government which – I should point out – ran for office on platforms of increasing civil liberties after New Labour's absurdly authoritarian behaviour.

One of JK Rowling's greatest creations, Dolores hides a vicious hatred of dissent, enjoyment, citizen autonomy and freedom of speech and assembly under the guise of concern for morality and young minds. She's a mix of Michael Gove and Mary Whitehouse. In fact, I might start a campaign to rename ISP censorship Dolores' Law.

As an aside, I remember some pompous Tory MP demanding in Parliament that David Cameron stop his kids viewing porn. Given that the Tories are thoroughly against the Nanny State and Big Government, I wrote to him suggesting that rather than relying on laws and technical fixes, he could educate his children and/or keep an eye on their browsing choices himself. Sadly, he couldn't find time to reply.

If anyone would like to test the new Cameron Filters on their ISPs, do let me know if I've been declared a Public Enemy via other services. If you can still get in touch, that is.

They'll never take me alive!


Grumpy Bob said...

My websites and are both blocked too (the latter because it's a subdomain of the first).

Anonymous said...

Still unfiltered internet here - avoid the big corporates! Happy New Year to all souls lucky enough to know of More details of the fight against censorship on Rev K's blog -