Friday, 14 December 2012

Today's lesson

1. Christmas drinks on a Thursday are not a good idea. Especially when you have to represent someone in a disciplinary case the next morning.

2. Several pints of real ale are not good preparation for watching BBC's Question Time. When I watch it sober, I'm in a state of fury. Slightly tipsy and all the inhibitions are off, as anyone who follows @PlashingVole on Twitter will know by this morning.

Still, at least Will Self was on: the modernist ex-junkie who makes everybody else sound bonkers through the calm application of fact and thoughtfulness. Dumb-ass of the Week goes to government minister Justine Greening, whose excuse for not knowing a fairly prominent fact was 'I wasn't alive then' (i.e. the 1960s). Justine: I wasn't alive in 1945, but I still know who won WW2. Similarly, I know about Victorian sexuality, medieval literacy, and Renaissance architecture, despite being as yet unconceived. Personal experience is not required for the acquisition of knowledge.

Anyway, I'm off to this disciplinary hearing, wearing my most severe suit and all brushed up. I'll leave you with something amusing. You may know that I had a letter in the Guardian the other day, on the subject of Stoke and decentralising government. The problem with using your real name in the public press is that you attract… well… loons. Here's an email I got this morning (I've removed the gentleman's email and name):

I hope this is of interest to you ..........I enjoyed your letter in London's Guardian, the London elite  only allow us .... such freedoms because we cannot do anything with it?
From John Lacklands Magna Carta to Rooseveldt and Churchills Atlantic Charter - of 1941.

Could you read this conversation with Boris Johnsons personal drone I am sure its a very worthy pursuit....thankyou   THE ENGLISH EMBASSY. CENTRAL ENGLAND. YORK COUNTY. PONTEFRACT. ELMSALL SANDFORD RD.  WF9 2XL  Tel: ENGLAND 1977641791  You New Yorkers don't appear to sell out your own Country to makea living as The Thieving  Looneys do!

  The Looneys are thieves, it must be recognized that London is our Competitor - not our Representative!

  The Looneys are thieves, it must be recognized that London is our Competitor - not our Representative!
  1. THE ENGLISH SCOTS AND IRISH and WELSH were promised their freedom from LONDON'S rule when CHURCHILL and ROOSEVELDT signed THE ATLANTIC CHARTER of 1941. The ENGLISH are still waiting for their freedom from LONDONS kleptomanic dictatorship. Please read the enclosed
Why are we English invisible, why are we unrepresented,why are we overrun by others who refuse to recognise our own Country and our true Identity to enable them to manipulate us as they please. Why should we be british for thieves in London, why is our National Identity refused us… because  London is our competitor ... not our representative!
THE ANSWER IS … LONDON The KLEPTOCRATIC CITY-STATE THE RISE OF GHORMENGHAST … AS PREDICTED GREETINGS FROM THE (only) ENGLISH EMBASSY in the World – I wonder why? Why is there no English Government … who stole our Identity so as to make more of it’s own! Only City’s have Empire’s. Why should we English be told to be british by every pipsqueak and moribund public and private artificial construct in London’s arsenal of manifestations, why comply when it brings no relevent democratic or economic benefits to us of any kind.
Why are we subjected to a continual barrage of specious yet invasive media advertisements??? adversiding against us in programme film and paper form while the entirely selfish rogue Capital of …. britain exploits us systematically. Some magnificent scam, thieving away with our sensibilities: the whole edifice is a manufactured entity. I would have thought the Commonwealth Countries would get wise in time but even they remain silent … mysteriously servile and compliant without making any form of humanitarian representation about this blatant abuse of England and the English people. Scotland Wales and Ireland have their own governments why are we English absent from the realm of Nations – who made us invisible.
A Dictator doesn’t have to be a person, history proves conclusively that a dictator can be a City exploiting its position for its own advantage. All of China bankrolled the Olympic Games for Beijing’s cultural emancipation – imagine who bankrolls London year on year on year who’s invisible assets back up every event it manages … 365-24-7? Who pays for its almost countless public attractions it’s – Bloodsucking Intellectual Troposphere, London’s Royal Family, London’s Parliament, London’s Museums, London’s Art Galleries, London’s Orchestras. London’s Theatres and Opera’s – a mutual apprecion society with no visible means of support!
—–Original Message—–
From: Mayor of London
Sent: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 13:41
Subject: RE: MGLA310810-8353 LONDON – When are you going to declare UDI and allow us our freedom?
Dear Mr
Thank you for your email of 26 August and for your comments about London and the
economy in England. I have been asked to reply.
The Mayor would not agree with your analysis of the situation. London (with
about 12% of the UK’s population) contributes more to the Treasury than any
other region; its economy is greater than that of Scotland, Northern Ireland,
Wales and the East Midlands combined. He believes that to maintain its position,
the capital needs continued investment, but with greater freedom for the
boroughs to decide how money is spent. Then Mayor has said
“Londoners already do more than their fair share. We pay much more in tax than
we get back in public expenditure. We are driving the economy into recovery.
Londoners are, on average, 30% more productive than the rest of the UK, plus
those who leave take their skills and experiences with them, honed in the
world’s business capital.
“London has consistently replenished the Treasury coffers over the last twenty
years. What we want is a fair deal, only a fair deal, and will give a great deal
back to the nation.”
Dear Ms Phillips,
You represent a blatantly geofascist entity you have virtually all our Headquarters of Every Possible Branch of Business, our Embassies of The World – our Seaports, our Airports, our Television Companies, our Newspapers, our Civil Service … our Union Headquarters – what don’t you have – can you tell me how to make bricks without straw?
Value for money … no way – how could you be because you are not working for – us! We know just how far you -”we”- we means nothing to you … our Identity is bought and sold – we have been transported . How dare you manipulate us so blithely whilst committing daylight robbery upon our possessions – you are not OUR Capital.
When are you going to declare U.D.I. and give us our freedom, then we can have our own Headquarters and Embassies Television Radoi and Newspaper Media, Seaports and Airports our Civil Service etc … why continue with this charlatan’s charade We have absolutely nothing in common and are destined to become – sworn enemies if this grim ritual of habitual exploitation continues! I am certain Mayor Boris Johnson knows his Livy … it’s time for you to go! Don’t waste any time.
Just an Englishman.
If you are interested in reading more, please visit our website: I hope that this information is of interest and thank you for taking the time to write to the Mayor.
Ruth Phillips Public Liaison Officer Greater London Authority — Submitted on 2010-08-26 17:27 First Name: Email: Subject: When are you going to declare UDI? Message:
Only Citys have Empires – and Empires only recognise colonies
Dear Sir, According to The Atlantic Charter of 1941 signed by Winston Spencer Churchill and Franklin Delano Rooseveldt every Country in Europe would have the benefit of their own democratically elected government once the Second World War was over. What of England – how did we disappear….
Cicero…. Nunc te patria, quae communis est parens omnium nostrum, oditac metuit etiam dui nihil te indicat niside parricidio suo cogitare; huis tu neque auctoritatem vebere nec iudicium sequere nec vim pertimesces….

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