Friday, 1 July 2011

Subversives, terrorists and other threats to the British Way of Life

In honour of yesterday's Daily Mail front page ('Resist the Union Bullies'), some more examples of those bullies in action at J30, with Mail-appropriate satirical captions). The whole set is here and there are more highlights in the previous 2 posts (go here and scroll down). Click on these to be confronted with the 'enemy within' on a gigantic scale!

Indoctrinated. She'll never fear the working classes now!

Look at her, sitting down rather than working for the minimum wage and a poverty-stricken retirement. 

That's right. Michael Foot has been reincarnated and he's coming for your children

Of course they're delinquents. They're under 65, which is the only qualification Daily Mail readers recognise.

Brown people expressing opinions: every Mail reader's nightmare

Lost to the tennis club and Young Conservatives. A life of drugs and abortions awaits these two.

Bono's really let himself go

Even the middle classes can be poisoned by the Doctrine of Hate peddled by subversive primary school teachers and lefty lecturers. 

Behind that cute expression, she's already planning violent revolution

And what's worse, his sticker was in English until some English people walked in!
(It's Welsh for 'Fair pensions for all')

Another of the usual anarchist suspects to be found at every demonstration

'The Gathering of the Unions', Birmingham 1832. Sorry I couldn't get a better shot. I was engraving as fast as I could, but they kept moving!

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