Wednesday, 19 January 2011

NHS - safe in their hands

The Tories have publisher their plan to destroy reorganise the NHS (the thing they promised not to do, during the election). The document is several hundred pages long, double the length of the document which founded the National Health Service.

Here's one way to work out what their priorities are: turn the document into a Wordle - a graphic representation in which the size of the words reflect how many times they're used. I can't reproduce Tom Moberley's excellent work in a readable version, but you can see it here. What's shocking is that terms relating to administration, commissioning and outsourcing far outweigh those related to care. As far as I can see, 'patient' doesn't turn up at all. If you suspected that the whole plan is simply to dismantle and privatise one of the jewels of British life - from a party without any mandate to enact such dramatic legislation - this proves it.

Wordle: Worldle of Health Bill

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Sue's Blog said...

The constant ‘reorganization’ of the NHS is an immoral waste of money. Now we are faced with privatization by stealth.