Monday, 31 January 2011

Keep on rocking

After the excitement of almost starting the revolution in Manchester, I found myself crammed into the back of a car with four nerdy pensioners, off to see Richard Thompson at Warwick Arts Centre.

If you don't know his work, he sounds like a nostalgia act: Thompson started out in folk-rock pioneers Fairport Convention in the 60s. Then he became a solo folkie, then a double-act with his wife Linda. Then he went rock in the 80s and indie in the 90s. He holds the record for the least copies sold on a major label (Henry the Human Fly, Warner, 1972)

What marks him out from all the other heritage acts is that you don't go to see Thompson hoping he'll reel out all the Fairport tracks or whatever (though it didn't stop my friends high-fiving each other when he played their favourites, sadly). Thompson's still writing fantastic, full-on rock and pop songs which are every bit as good as his back catalogue. Saturday's show was a loud electric affair, in which the new material really stood up. Highly recommended.

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This is Richard Thompson

Look into my eye…

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Zoot Horn said...

Just in case anyone cares... I was one of the ones who bought Henry the Human Fly. Me and the bloke in the audience who also shouted out that he had a copy. Gorgeous pics Vole - check Richard Thompson's site to see if any of them show up! (look in the 'concert reviews' section in a coupla days.)